ZDBX-35 Full Automatic Cable Stripping Machine

ZDBX-35 is a kind of automatic cable peeling machine, which is used in the production and processing of the range wire of 2.5-120mm squared (AWG#14-5) within the scope of technical specification.

This equipment adopts advanced double – set blade automatic longitudinal movement design. The unique horizontal section cutter structure is perfect to solve the peeling process. Belt drive roller ensures the machining accuracy and quality of wire.

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Product description

Specification Fields ZDBX-35
Wire Range ≤80mm2
Cutting length 0.1-99999mm
Cutting Accuracy ±(L×0.2%+0.2)mm
Stripping Length NO.1:0.1-290mm,NO.2:0.1-150mm
Efficiency Depending on the wires and parameters
Power Supply 220V
Power Output 3KW
Compressed 5-6Bar
Noise level <80 dB
Measurement W820×L1100×H1290mm / W32×L43×H328 inches
Weight 120Kg / 265 lbs
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