ZDBX-10 Torsional linear

The machine can also peel 5 wires and support the whole stripping, semi-stripping and middle peeling of wire. Unique twist line function, small twister can be realized on the strength of the twisting and twisting line direction transformation of simple operation, but also for production of the thickness, the speed of the twisting of the wires are under effective control, with a computer is a fast, accurate automatic twister.

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Product description

Specification Fields ZDBX-10
Wire Range AWG#18-280.08-0.81mm2)
Cutting length 0.1-99999mm
Cutting Accuracy ±(L×0.2%+0.2)mm
Stripping Length 0.1-30mm, 3.5-18mm.
Twisting Length3.5-18mm.
Efficiency L=100mm, 135Pcs/min
Power Supply 220V
Power Output 300W
Compressed 5-6Bar
Noise level <70 dB
Measurement W420×L450×H270mm / W16.5×L18×H10.6 inches
Weight 42Kg / 93 lbs
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