Weather-Pack/Metri-Pack Crimping Plier, 20-14AWG Wire Crimper for Delphi Packard Sealed & Unsealed Terminals, Automotive Aftermarket Service Tool

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Product description

  • Crimps Connector Type: Weather-Pack, Metri-Pack 150 Sealed, Metri-Pack 280 Sealed, Metri-Pack 480 Sealed, Metri-Pack 480 Unsealed, Metri-Pack 630 Sealed
  • Core and insulation wings are crimped in a separate motion. Tool features five crimping zones (three for seals, two for core wings) and has a quick release.
  • High-precision ratchet mechanism for complete crimps. Ensures accurate, solderless, electrical connections.
  • The ergonomic, cushioned, non-slippery handles were designed to ensure strong grips in any condition.
  • The crimpers are designed to crimp the terminals and seals found in the Metri-Pack and Weather Pack series.
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