Strapping Belt Reel Cart Suitable for PP, PET, Polyester Fiber Packing Belt, Steel Belt

Product description

IWISS Strapping Belt Reel Cart


Product Describe

Used in stone, building materials, machinery, timber, steel, electronics, logistics, printing and other industries.



PP, PET, polyester fiber packing belt, steel belt; With the toolkit: for packing tools and accessories. Easy to use, lightweight, resistance.

Reel cart features

1. strapping belt reel cart simple and scientific, easy operation.2. The reel cart can put paper core diameter: 200 #, 250 #, 400 #.

3. The reel cart configuration: with the toolkit. Convenient and practical, can remove.

4. The reel cart weight: 13 kg / 5.9 lb.

5. Reel cart bearing capacity: 70 kg.

6. Reel cart size(L x W x H): 490 * 400 * 400 mm / 19.3 * 15.7 * 15.7 inch.

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