SN-28B Dupont Terminal Ratchet Crimper (AWG28-18)

  • Wire-electrode cutting die sets promise a high-precision Crimping result.
  • The components of the ratchet crimping tool are made of special steel.
  • For 2.54mm 3.96mm KF2510 connector.
  • Designed according to human factors engineering, it can save 50% energy when crimping.
  • Precise crimping die sets and integral lock with self-releasing.
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Product description

SN-28B Dupont Terminal Ratchet Crimper 2.54mm 3.96mm (AWG28-18) 0.1-1.0mm²

IWISS SN-28B Dupont terminal ratchet crimper is professional pin compression ratcheting modular insulated terminal pin tool for 2.54mm 3.96mm 28-18AWG(0.1-1.0mm²) connectors with wire-electrode cutting dies. Apply to non-insulated tabs and receptacles.



  • The components of the ratchet crimping tool are made of special steel.
  • Designed according to human factors engineering, it can save 50% energy when crimping.
  • Precise crimping die sets and integral lock with self-releasing. Mechanism ensures high-quality crimping effect after crimping repeatedly.
  • Accurate adjustment before ex works delivery.
  • Due to handle grasping position, light and compact structure and handle design ensure perfect crimping effect.
Capacity: 0.1-1.0mm², for 2.54mm 3.96mm KF2510 connector
AWG: 28-18AWG
Length: 19cm / 7.5inches
Weight: 0.37kg / 0.8lbs


Operation Details

  1. If you are right-handed, then grasp the tool in your left hand with the lettering visible and facing toward you, but upside down.
  2. Position the connector in one of the three bottom slots, depending on the wire gauge.
    • #22 gauge works well in the center bottom slot.
    • #18 gauge works well in the innermost of the bottom slots.
  3. The connector should be positioned so that the “wings” are facing down.
  4. The connector should be positioned with its back end flush with the tool and the front end of the connector facing away.
  5. Close the tool slightly until the ratchet just engages and grasps the connector. For heavier wire gauge (e.g. #18), you may choose to insert the wire into the connector before placing the connector into the tool.
  6. Use a separate wire stripper to strip about 3/16″ to 1/4″ of wire, and insert it into the connector. If you have a soft touch, you may just feel the unstripped plastic of the wire hit a stop when you insert it into the connector. In any case, don’t insert the wire too far into the connector.
  7. Squeeze the ratchet all the way down. It will open after this step and your connector should have successfully crimped on to the wire. The larger, outer wings should be crimped in a fold over the insulated portion of the wire, while the inner, smaller wings should be crimped over the bare wire.

If you have any doubts about the electrical quality of your crimp, you can add a tiny dab of solder to the wire-metal crimp. Not too much or the connector will not fit in the connector housing.




Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 28 × 15.5 × 3 cm

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