Roller Type Tube Cutters and Cutting Blades

  • Ball bearings make the difference.
  • Great cuts with the greatest of ease!
  • High-quality radial ball bearings enable the tube cutters to cut with less effort than any previous models.
  • Give them a try and see just how easy it is!
  • Alloy steel they can even cut thin wall stainless steel pipes.

Product description

IWISS Roller Type Tube Cutters and Cutting Blades


Item NO.



WK-319 Roller Type Tube Cutter For 1/8″~3/4″(3-19mm) Zinc alloy body
WK-428 For 3/16″~1-1/8″(4-28mm)
WK-532 For 3/16″~1-1/4″(5-32mm) Aluminum alloy body
WK-650 For 1/4″~2″(6-50mm)
WK-670 For 1/4″~2-3/4″(6-70mm)
WK-319B/428B Cutting Blade For WK-319B/428B Alloy steel blade
WK-532/650/670B For WK-532/650/670B
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