Red/Black WX-250 Wire Rope Swager for Crimping Fishing Lines Up To 2.2mm

  • This fishing Crimping tool is made from high quality- marine-grade carbon/stainless steel.
  • Designed to handle the harsh conditions of saltwater game fishing.
  • Has a special action that has been manufactured to compress crimping sleeves at the optimum pressure.
  • Use this tool for Superflex Double Sleeves and single aluminum crimps up to 2.2 mm.
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Product description

IWISS WX-250 Wire Rope Swaging Tool Fishing Heavy-Duty Hand Crimper has Hardened Steel Jaws with 4 Crimping Positions and 2 Hardended Steel Side Cutter

WX-250 Wire Rope Swager is convenient use, comprehensive protection.


Hardened Steel/Black Oxidation Jaws:

IWISS Fishing Crimping Plier used high-quality carbon steel to support the jaws hardness. After black oxidation treatment on the surface form a dense layer of oxide film so you do not have to worry about it will be preserved by sea water corrosion or occasional inappropriate and rust.

4 Crimping Positions and 2 Hardened Side Cutters:

The 4 crimping positions include:0.5-0.1mm, 0.1-0.5mm, 1.0-2.0mm, 2.2mm. It can easy crimp copper/aluminum sleeves and more from 50-450 lb test line.

2 Hardened Side Cutters and Loaded Spring Handle:

The 2 hardened steel side cutters work with the spring which loaded handle. It help you cut the wire/monofilament without frays and the strong spring open the cutters instead by your hands.

Cushioned non-slip grips and Feature a Safety lock:

The stainless grips wrapped with the non-slip cushioned and comes with a safety lanyard. The safety lock is easy way to keep you crimper close.

Better Quality, Comprehensive Guarantee:

Hassle-free refund for non-artificial damage. IWISS Fishing promise satisifaction to our every customers.



1″ hole crimping range: 0.1mm-0.5mm(0.0039″-1/64″)
2″ hole crimping range: 0.5mm-1.0mm(1/64″-3/64″)
3″ hole crimping range: 1.5mm-2.0mm(3/64″-5/64″)
4″ hole crimping range: 2.2mm(3/32″)
Weight: 0.45kg / 1pound
Length: 250mm / 9.85″


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Weight 0.5 kg

Black Swagging Tool


Red Swagging Tool

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