PEX Expansion Tool Kit, Sized 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, Auto Rotation Expander Tool for ProPEX, PowerPEX Expansion Ring

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Product description

  • Components: IWS-1960R PEX-a Expansion Tool Kit with 1/2 in., 3/4 in. and 1 in. expander heads, tool lubricant and a convenient carrying case. 
  • Purpose: Designed to make F1960 cold expansions. Solid, permanent, manufactured connections without the need for torches, glues, solder, flux or gauges can be expected by expanding Non-Barrier PEX Tubing and reinforcing ring to make a connection with an ASTM F1960 fitting.
  • Features: Equipped with an Auto Rotation Adapter. Users can simply hold the tubing and tool in place while separating and closing the handles to expand the tubing. The Auto Rotation Adapter will automatically rotate to ensure the tubing is evenly expanded.
  • Secure Connection: Once the fitting is inserted into the expanded ring and pipe combination, the elastomeric properties of this PEX combination bring the expanded material back around the fitting to make a sealed, permanent and visually inspectable connection.
  • Applications: Plumbing, fire safety, radiant heating and cooling systems. Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial projects.


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