iCrimp IWS-1625 Pipe Crimper for 16mm, 20mm, 25mm Multi-Layer and PEX Pipe Fittings

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Product description

IWISS IWS-1625 Pipe Crimper Tools For 16mm,20mm,25mm Multi-Layer And PEX Pipe Fittings

TH, V, U, VP, H, G, B, RF, M, SV type jaws are available for IWS-1625 series PAP pipe crimping tools. Default die sets are 16mm, 20mm, and 25mm.  Customization available.



30% Labor Saved
45% Work Space Saved
40% Lighter In Weight
Suitable for narrow space pressing operation, with two folding handles



Weight: 5kg / 11pounds

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

IWS-1625AC TH, IWS-1625AC U, IWS-1625AC V, IWS-1625AC VP, IWS-1625AC H, IWS-1625AC G, IWS-1625AC B, IWS-1625AC RF, IWS-1625AC M, IWS-1625AC SV

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