JQ-5 Full Automatic Terminal Crimping Machine

Suitable for stripping, single end crimping and disconnection:

  1. Low noise, stable performance and so on.
  2. KINCO touch screen, it is easy to learn and understand of DSP single chip operating menu.
  3. Man-machine and controller, SMC pneumatic components, mechanical stability.
  4. Terminal machine uses the frequency conversion terminal machine, the noise is small.
  5. JQ-5 can crimp at one end and strip or half strip at another end
  6. Cost-effective, full digital debugging, and all imported pneumatic components.
  7. Due to the diversification of the shaft and the use of a servo motor, machine noise is very small.
  8. JQ-1 achieves high-speed operation of the electrical control by using the advanced PLC and AC servo system.
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Product description


1) One-year warranty, full-life service

2) CE Approved


Wire Range 0.13-1.3mm2
Length Range 50mm-9999mm
Cutting Accuracy L≤100mm时,±(L×0.2%+0.5)mm;
Stripping Length 0.1-15mm(Both sides 0.1-15mm)
Press Capacity 19.6KN(2.0Ton)×2Sets
Feed Speed 3m/s
Detector Missing wires, Overloads, Deviations; Pressure,
Crimping and Stripping.
Power Supply AC 220V
Power Output 1.2KW
Compressed 5-6Bar
Noise level <80 dB
Measurement W1200×L800×H1900mm / W47×L31.5×H75 inches
Weight 400Kg / 882 lbs
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