IWS-065 Wire Stripper and Cutter, 7-inch Portable Wire Shear for AWG14-8

Product description

  • [Precise] Accurate stripping cavities for AWG14-8/1.6-3.26mm, every stripping leaves the wire core intact.
  • [Efficient] Multi-hardened sharp blade brings fast cutting and stripping operations, the ergonomic designed handles save labor for each grip.
  • [Convenient] This cutter and stripper 2 in 1 multi-functional tool saves your time and money, convenient for wire working.
  • [Portable] It is safe and easy to carry this tool by hand, thanks to its short size, lightweight, and built-in lock.
  • [Labor Saving] Ergonomic PVC handles and strong return spring contribute to reducing hand fatigue.
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