IWISS Single Network Crimping Plier Tools

With stripping, cutting and crimping function;


Product description

Product Name: Single Network Crimping Pliers

Model No.: TL-3688

Body Material: Carbon Steel (Black) & Zinc Alloy (Silver White)

Handle material: orange, TRP

Size: 7.9” (200mm)

Weight: 355g




1. With stripping, cutting and crimping function;

2. The tool head adopts high hardness and precision materials, which is light and easy to carry, durable, and long service life;

3. High elasticity and long-lasting spring design of the head, saving time and effort;

3. The handle is made of special soft rubber material, which is non-slip, comfortable to use, strong in touch, and conforms to ergonomic design.

4. Safety buckle design, easy to use after storage protection, locking net clamp;

5. The quality of the blade is good, it can ensure that the cut-out port is smooth and without burrs. The distance between the two metal blades is moderate, and the rubber of the twisted pair can be easily stripped, but it is not easy to cut the network cable;

6. The cutting part is equipped with a protective device to avoid work injuries;

7. The external dimensions of the wire segment are consistent with the crystal head, so that it is not easy to dislocate and the connection between the twisted wire and the crystal head can be better secured.

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TL-3684, TL-3686, TL-3688


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