IWISS RJ-19/25 Pneumatic Welding Tool / Cotton Strapping Tool

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Product description

IWISS RJ-19/25

Powerful, compact and easy to use strapping tool for heavy-duty industrial applications especially with high quality PP/PET strapping is used and high tension is required.

USAGE: high efficiency, easy to use, No seals.



Widely applicable for Paper packing, Aluminum, Steel, Wood Plated and Bars, Pallets, Fiber fabrication, Cotton, Tobacco, Chemicals, Metal products, etc.



  • Pack Type: widely used for a variety of packaging line, Such as cotton, various fiber packing.
  • High efficiency for welding and cutting, it completes the straps welding and cutting in very short time.
  • Good welding reliability, adopt the design for enhancing the accurate positioning of motor.
  • “High durability and advanced manufacturing technology by made of High strength alloy.
  • Wide strap size range.
  • Safe using and anti-fatigue.

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RJ-19, RJ-25

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