A0540HX Ratchet Crimping Plier Works for AWG 26-12 Connectors

  • Automatically release when fully crimped.
  • Ratchet Mechanism ensures a consistent crimp quality.
  • High operation comfort thanks to handy shape and low weight.
  • The parallel action crimp tool offers optimal crimp quality and features a rotating locator.
  • This tool comes with a mounted multi-functional locator set for Han D®, Han E®, and Han C®.

Product description

IWISS Ratchet Crimper Tool works for AWG 26-12 Han C,Han D,Han-E Contact or Connectors with Locator Set (0.14mm²-4.0mm²)

IWISS A0540HX ratchet crimper tool is designed to crimp solid turned Han C®, Han D® and Han® E Crimp Contacts.
The appropriate parallel action crimp to tool is also available for optimum crimp quality, as is the appropriate service crimp tool.



Wire Cross Section Minimum: 0.14mm²
Wire Cross Section Maximum: 4mm²
Han D: 0.14mm² to 1.5mm²
Han E: 0.5mm² to 4mm²
Han C: 1.5mm² to 4mm²
Includes locator set for Han C® Han D® and Han E®


Height: 215mm / 8.46″
Gross weight: 0.73kg / 1.62pound

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
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