IWISS PEX Expansion Ring 3/4 Inch(25 Pack), Expansion Reinforcing Sleeve, Compatible with PEX-a Pipe and F1960 Brass or Poly Fittings

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Product description

  • Purpose: Designed for use with 3/4 in. PEX-A pipe and 3/4 in. PEX-A barb fittings. For use exclusively with PEX-A (ASTM F1960) pipe and systems.
  • Cross-References: Uponor ProPEX rings, Sioux Chief PowerPEX rings.
  • Compatible with Uponor/Wirsbo hePEX & AquaPEX, Sioux Chief, Mr. PEX, Rehau and other PEX-A tubing brands.
  • Performance: Manufactured from PEX-a material. Degree of Crosslinking: 70% to 89%. ASTM F1960/CSA B137.5-2019a/2017 – per NSF/ANSI 14 tested.
  • Expansion Ring w/ Stop: PEX Expansion sleeves with stop includes a leading edge chamfer and stop edge to ensure proper placement of the sleeve.
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