IWISS Network Multi-Modular Cable Tester TL-828-A Test from 5m to 450m

Test from 5m to 450m.

Product description

Product Name : Network Multi-Modular Cable Tester

Model No.: TL-828-A



1.  Can be used to test the open circuit, short circuit, across butt joint, separate butt joint and reverse butt joint for 5E/6E UTP/STP twisted-pair, coaxial-cable and telephone wire.

2. Position the error of connection wires.

3. Test the connectivity of cable separately.

4. The meter in calibration mode can be replaced by foot.

5. The testing precision of length is up to 98%.

6. Measure the length of cable and determine the pount of open circuit.

7. Test from 5m to 450m.




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