IWISS KZ-32 Series Pneumatic Steel Combination Strapping Tools

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Product description

IWISS KZ-32 Series Pneumatic Steel Combination Strapping Tools

Powerful and reliable strapping tool for use in indurstrial heavy duty aoolications. Avaliable in three different sizes of strap, 19mm(3/4″), 25mm(1″), 32(1-1/4″) and 40mm(1-1/2″). The most rugged pusher type strapping tool of its kind for continuous and shift operations demanding a high working reliability. High performance machine with an outstanding record of performance in the steel and non-ferrous industries.

The perfect double notch upcut seal joint is accomplished in one operation.



  • Package type: Flat, round and irregular surfaces
  • Combined, finish tensioning, sealing and cutting
  • Efficient and safe, hands protective.
  • Ergonomic design, easy to operate
  • Strong joint, high bonding strength
  • Easy adjustment of tape width, the distance between roller and pad, and cutter depth
  • Available Tape: Blue, baking,varnish, galvanized


Maintenance & Repair

  • The problems of wearing parts, loose screw, environmental pollution, and bad lubricating probably casue the malfunction during the operation. You shall clear it promptly to make it run properly. Good attention to the maintenance will have a much longer use of steel strapping tools.
  • Before every use, it shall be treated with lubricant.
  • Timely remove the dust and dirt on the firction pulley.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg

KZ32, KZ32-19, KZ40-32

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