IWISS HB&HC Series Manual Steel Strapping Tools

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  • Manual steel stapping tools are the simplest method of tensioning, sealing and cutting steel. Complete Packaging Products offers a variety of manual strapping tools to suit your budget and needs. Use Feedwheel Tensioners for flat packages. They have limited take-up. Have a round or irregular load? Our Pusher Tensioner or Pusher Rack Tensioner will accomplish the task.
  • This sutable for packing wooden case, steel and aluminum material.

For Tensioner/Tigjtener

  • The HB810 manual steel tensioner is designed for use with heavy, flat packages like steel, metals, and forest products. This rugged and reliable hand tool can handle steel strapping thinknesses up to 0.040(1.00 mm) for heavy-duty applications. The feed-wheel tensioning systems allows for unlimited steel strap take-up

For Sealer/Clamp

  • HC series sealer has been design for a broad range of common strapping applications. This study ealer is built with hardened tool steel, to provide you with a lifetime of reliable use under de,amdomg cpmdotopms. The sealer is available in three models which can handle standard and high tensile strapping 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ wide. Used in cambination with a standard feed wheel type tensioner, the HC series sealer is designed to crimp an open flange seal in a double down notch configuration.

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HB810 Tensioner, HC810 Sealer, HC811Sealer, HC812 Sealer, HC813 Sealer

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