IWISS CPB Series Pipe Bending Tool of Split-unit Style for Thin and Thick Wall Conduit Tube and Carbon Steel Pipe for 170-270mm Stroke and 580-760cc Oil Reseaves

Product description

CPB Series Pipe Bending Tool of split-unit style for thin and thick wall conduit tube and carbon steel pipeย for 170-270mm stroke and 580-760cc oil reseaves


ltem No๏ผŽ Output(T)

Bending range (mm)

Stroke(mm) Oil reseaves(cc) Weight(kg)
Thin-wallConduit tube Thick-wallConduit tube Carbon steel pipe(Gas pipe)
CPB-1 10 13mm-36mm 13mm-30mm 13mm-30mm 170 600 Approx.20
CPB-2 16 15mm-75mm 16mm-52mm 16mm-52mm 250 580 Approx.58
(5/8โ€™โ€™) (2โ€™โ€™) (1/2โ€™โ€™) (2โ€™โ€™) (1/2โ€™โ€™) (2โ€™โ€™)
CPB-3 18 15mm-75mm 16mm-82mm 15mm-65mm 270 640 Approx.108
(5/8โ€™โ€™) (3โ€™โ€™) (1/2โ€™โ€™) (3โ€™โ€™) (1/2โ€™โ€™) (3โ€™โ€™)
CPB-4 20 15mm-75mm 16mm-104mm 15mm-100mm 270 760 Approx.190
(5/8โ€™โ€™) (4โ€™โ€™) (1/2โ€™โ€™) (4โ€™โ€™) (1/2โ€™โ€™) (4โ€™โ€™)




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