CT-300 Refrigeration Tool

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Product description

IWISS CT-300 Refrigeration Tool

Easy operate steps:

  • Remove internal burrs.
  • Anneal the tube if necessary(for hard or thick wall tube).
  • Screw the expander head on the expander.
  • Put the end of tube on the expander head.
  • Tighten the relief valve knob to “ON” position then press handle until tube is expanded to the end.
  • To create perfect expanded tubing for soldering or brazing, you must use soft copper tube or use annealing pipe.
  • Pull expander handle up to 90 degree position, then screw the expander heads to the center punch and screw tighten.
  • Insert the end of the tube over the expander head completely.
  • Pull the lever completely down.
  • Return the lever back to 90 degree position and remove the expanded tube.
  • Turn the relief valve knob to OFF position to loosen expander head, then remove the expanded tube.
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