IWS-5C Multi-purpose LED Headlamps



•Rated voltage: 3.7V Rated capacity: 3100mAh Charging time: 4h

•100,000 Hours Lifespan and super stable brightness

•Explosion-Proof and impact-resistance

•Super Water-proof approved by IP68 tested underwater 50 meters

•Charging with USB, easy to recharge

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Product description

IWISS IWS-5C Multi-purpose LED Headlamps

  • The multi-purpose cordless IWS5 is perfectly created with industrial design, electronic design, software design,production craft design and ergonomic design. Its unique designs achieve longer lifespan. Based on the former version, IWS5 is highlighted with the software performance optimization, and the increase of mobile power bank, gear locking and SOS function, which make it more popular in domestic light, outdoor activities, and many other practical fields.

1.1 100,000 Hours Lifespan and Super Stable Brightness

  • The multi-purpose cordless IWS-5C applies the most advanced CREE LED light source and drive PCB, which promises its lifespan up to 100,000 hours in certain condition.

1.2 Power Bank

  • IWS-5C can work as a power bank through the optimized design of electric and software working with its corresponding magnetic USB wire and adaptor, which can charge for iPhone, and iPad, Android mobile phones and other equipment.

1.3 Gear Lock

  • IWS-5C can achieve the selection and locking among the different  brightness of main LED light source to meet the individual preferences of brightness, which has achieved customization on gear lock.

1.4 SOS Function

  • IWS-5C can flash as SOS signal, when it enters the mode of SOS, which makes it possible that the users in danger can be rescued effectively.

1.5 Multiple Lenses, suitable for Different Scenes

  • Multi-purpose IWS-5C adds optical lens 1, lens 2, and lens 6 and so on to meet variety lighting way, to realize the diversified function use.

1.6 Convenient Charging with USBIWS-5C is designed to charge with the magnetic USB wire, which makes it possible to charge the LED multi-purpose lamp with the same power adaptor.

1.7 Super Light on Weight

  • IWS-5C is designed to be super light. IWS-5C is designed to be super light.

1.8 Battery IndicatorIWS-5C in the standby hibernation will go into a battery indicator status in 1.5s.

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