IWISS Nylon Former 1/4’’-7/8’

Product description

Former In inch Former In metric
Size Weight Size Weight
1/4’’ 0.03kg 10mm 0.04kg
5/16’’ 0.03kg 12mm 0.04kg
3/8’’ 0.03kg 14mm 0.06kg
1/2’’ 0.05kg 15mm 0.06kg
5/8’’ 0.05kg 16mm 0.06kg
3/4’’ 0.07kg 18mm 0.08kg
7/8’’ 0.08kg 20mm 0.08kg
22mm 0.09kg
Size Weight
1/4’’-5/16’’ 0.25kg
3/8’’-5/8’’ 0.29kg
3/4’’-7/8’’ 0.36kg
10-12mm 0.25kg
14-16mm 0.28kg
18-22mm 0.37kg


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