PEX & Multilayer Pipe Accessories

We carry a complete selection of accessories and tools for installation of PEX tubing and multilayer pipe in hydronic, radiant heating, gas piping and plumbing applications.

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  • PPW featured picture

    iCrimp Pipe Cutter PPW for PEX and PEX-B Pipe from 1/8” to 1-1/4”

  • PEX Expander Head Read more

    3/4inch 1/2inch and 1inch Automatic Rotating PEX Expander Heads and Expansion Set

  • PEX Pipe Tubing Cutter

    iCrimp PEX Pipe Tubing Cutter for Cutting 1/8″-1″ PEX Tubings

  • NG-1632AC chamfer expander

    NG-1632AC Chamfer Expander

  • IWS-1625 IWS-2032 chamfer expander

    IWS-1625 IWS-2032 IWC-1625 Chamfer Expander

  • ES-1632 external bending spring

    External Bending Spring ES-1632

  • IWS-05 PEX pipe cutter

    iCrimp IWS-05 PEX Pipe Cutter, Cutting Range Up to 1″

  • IS-1632 internal bending spring

    IWISS PEX Pipe Tool, IS-1632 Internal Bending Spring