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Suitable for PEX Pipes, PAP Pipes, copper/aluminum/steel pipes with hand/hydraulic/electrical operation type, including hose clamp, pipe expanding tools and many other pipe fitting tools, products very suitable for USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe, Russia, Canada marketing.

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  • PEX Expansion Tool Kit with 3/8’’, 1/2’’ & 3/4’’, 1’’ Auto Rotation Expansion Heads, PEX Tubing Cutter, Expansion Ring Removal Tool for Uponor Wirsbo ProPEX, PowerPEX PEX Fittings

  • ICP-CT02 PEX Crimp Fitting Removal Tool for Removing 1/2-in, 3/4-in, 1-in PEX Copper Crimp Rings & Stainless Steel Cinch Clamps

  • ICP-CT03 PEX-a Expansion Ring/Sleeve Removal Tool for Reusing 5/8-in, 1/2-in, 3/4-in, 1-in ASTM F1960 Brass Expansion Fittings from Uponor ProPex, Sioux Chief PowerPex, Patented PEX Tool

  • IWS-3814C Copper Swaging Tool Kit for Expanding 3/8-inch to 1-1/4-inch HVAC Refrigeration Tubing, with Deburring Tool and Pipe Cutter

  • KIT-1632HY Hydraulic Copper Tubing Press Tool Kit for 1/2-in, 3/4-in, 1-in Propress Copper Fittings, Copper Tubing Cutter & Chamfer Tool Included

  • pex clamp tool iwiss icrimp pex clamp cinch tool pex crimping tool apollo oetiker pex clamp pex plumbing pex tubing (2)

    ICP-PC02 PEX Clamp Cinch & Cutting Tool for 3/8-in to 1-in Pinch Clamp Rings with 20pcs 1/2-in & 10pcs 3/4-in Clamps, Meets ASTM F2098 Standard

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    IWISS IWS-1960R PEX Expansion Tool Kit, Sized 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, Auto Rotation Expander Tool for Uponor Wirsbo ProPEX, PowerPEX Expansion Ring

  • iCrimp PEX Tube Cutter for 3/8’’, 1/2’’, 3/4’’, 5/8’’, 1’’ PEX & PVC Pipes, Radial PEX Tubing Cutting Tool

  • iCrimp ICP-PC02 PEX Clamp Tool for Pinching and Cutting Stainless Steel PEX Clamp Rings, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 5/8″ and 1″, PEX Clamp Removal Tool

  • Push to Connect Fitting Sized 3/4 Inch(3 Count), Brass Push-Fit Plumbing Pipe Connector, NFS Certified

  • 3/4-inch 90° Elbow(3 Count), Lead Free Push to Connect Pipe Fitting for Push Fit Connection, cUPC & NSF Certified

  • 3/4-in Push Fit Coupling, Brass No Lead Push to Connect Fitting(5 Count), Use with PEX, Copper, PERT, CPVC Tubings

  • 1/2 Inch Push-to-Connect Tee Fitting, Lead Free Brass Fitting for Potable Water Plumbing, 5 Count, NSF61 Certified

  • 1/2 Inch 90 Degree Elbow(5 Count), Push to Connect/Push-Fit Plumbing Pipe Connector for PEX, PERT, Copper, CPVC Tubes

  • 1/2-in Push to Connect Coupler, No Lead Brass Push Fit Coupling(10 Count), NFS Certified

  • 3/4-in PEX Crimp Brass Tee(5 Pack), Lead Free PEX Fitting for Potable Water Distribution and Hydronic Heating, NFS Certified

  • F1807 Brass Crimp Fitting 3/4 inch, 5 Pack, Lead Free PEX Barb Coupling/Splicer, NSF Certified

  • 3/4-in Elbow PEX Brass Fitting, Lead Free 90 Degree Elbow PEX Barb Fitting, Crimp Style(5 Pack), NFS Certified

  • IWISS 1/2-in Brass PEX Barb Tee(10 Pack), F1807 Crimp Style PEX Fitting for Copper Ring, PEX Clamps, Stainless Steel Sleeves, NSF Certified

  • IWISS 1/2 Inch Brass PEX Coupling Splice, PEX Coupler, Lead Free F1807 Crimp Fittings(10 Pack), NFS Certified

  • IWISS 1/2-in PEX Crimp Brass 90-Degree Elbow (10-Pack), F1807 PEX Fitting for Copper Crimp Ring or Stainless Steel Clamp, NSF Certified

  • CT-670 Copper Tubing Cutter for 1/4” to 2-1/2” Metallic Pipes

  • Metal Tubing Cutter for 1/4-inch to 2-inch Copper Tubing, Aluminum Tubing, Stainless Steel Tubing, CSST, Iron Tubing c/w Two Replacement Blades

  • iCrimp Tubing Cutter, 3/16-inch to 1-1/4-inch Tube Cutter, for Copper,Stainless Steel Tubes with 2 Pack Replacement Blades

  • iCrimp Close Quarters Mental Tubing Cutter, 3/16-inch to 1-1/8-inch CSST Gas Piping, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel Pipes c/w 1 Replacement Blade

  • IWISS 1-in PEX Expansion Ring(Sleeve), ProPEX F1960 Style for Use in Potable Water Distribution System, NSF Certified, 25 Pack

  • IWISS PEX Expansion Ring 3/4 Inch(25 Pack), Expansion Reinforcing Sleeve, Compatible with PEX-a Pipe and F1960 Brass or Poly Fittings

  • IWISS 1/2-in PEX Expansion Ring(25 Pack), F1960 PEX-a Expansion Sleeve w/ Stop, ProPEX Style (Works with Uponor, Sioux Chief, Mr PEX)

  • CRQ03 Deburr & Gauge Tool Sized 1/4” to 1”, PEX Chamfer and Insertion Depth Gauge Tool for Push to Connect Fittings

  • PEX Expansion Tool Kit, Sized 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, Auto Rotation Expander Tool for ProPEX, PowerPEX Expansion Ring

  • iCrimp ICP-PC01 PEX Cinch Clamp Removal Tool, Hand Clamp Cutter, Capable of Removing 3/8-in, 1/2-in, 3/4-in, 1-in ASTM F2098 Stainless Steel Pinch Clamps and up to 13mm Wide Ear Clamps

  • Removal Tool For Push Fit Fittings (1)

    iCrimp Push-Fit Disconnect Tong Tool for Easily Removing Push-to-Connect Fittings(1/2-in, 3/4-in, 1-in), Multi-Sized Removal Tool For Push Fit Fittings

  • IWISS IWS-1234PSK 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. Dual PEX Crimp Tool for Copper Crimp Rings, Meets ASTM F1807

  • IWISS CRQ01 Disconnect Tong Sized 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, Removal Tool used for Demount Brass Push Fit, Push-to-Connect Fittings

  • PPW featured picture

    iCrimp Pipe Cutter PPW for PEX and PEX-B Pipe from 1/8” to 1-1/4”

  • Crimping Tool Combo

    iCrimp IWS-FAS PEX Pipe Copper Ring Crimper Tool Combo

  • PEX Pipe Crimping Tool Kit

    iCrimp IWS-FA F1807 PEX Pipe Crimper Tool Kit for 3/8″,1/2″,3/4″,1″ – with Removal Tool and iCrimp® Cutter

  • Angled Head PEX Crimping Tool IWS-0611 3-4 inch 2

    iCrimp Angled Head PEX Crimp Tools for 3/4-INCH F877 Stainless PEX Press Sleeves

  • IWS-0611 1-2 inch

    iCrimp Angled Head PEX Press Tools for 1/2-INCH F877 Stainless PEX Press Sleeves

  • Angled Head PEX Crimping Tool IWS-0611 1 inch

    iCrimp Angled Head PEX Press Tools for 1-INCH F877 Stainless PEX Press Sleeves

  • KF-1096 PEX Clamp Tool Kit

    KG-1096 PEX Cinch Clamp Tool Kit with Go-No/Go Gauge and Clamps

  • IWISS ASTM F877 Crimping Tool IWS-Combo-S1234

    F877 1/2″&3/4″ Combo Stainless Steel PEX Press Sleeve Crimping Tool for Pex Pipe Connection suits Viega

  • Sale pex cinch all-in one tool F2098

    iCrimp PEX Cinch Tool with Removing function for 3/8″ – 1″Stainless Steel Clamps

  • IWS-1632AF-Zoomlock

    Plumbing Pressing Tool Kit Works for Zoomlock Refrigerant and HVAC Fittings and Copper tubes with 1/2” 5/8” 3/4” 7/8” Jaws

  • IWS-1632AF toolset

    IWS-1632AF Plumbing Copper Pipe Crimper Press Tube Tools with 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ Jaws

  • FS-7842 featured picture

    Hydraulic Automotive A/C Hose Hydra-krimp Crimper Tools for BH Air Conditioning Hose & Beadlock A/C Fittings

  • Long Pressing Tools Read more

    IWS-1632B&IWS-1632C Long Pressing Tools with Pressure Numerical Adjustment

  • Dual-head PAP&PEX Pipe Press Tool Read more

    IWS-1620C 16, 20 Dual-head PAP&PEX Pipe Press Tool

  • Mini Type PAP&PEX Pipe Press Tools Read more

    IWS-1620B Mini Type PAP&PEX Pipe Press Tools without Folding Handle

  • Folding Handle Mini Pipe Press Tool Read more

    IWS-1620A PAP&PEX Folding Handle Mini Pipe Press Tool

  • Sale 3-4-inch cinch rings side lay Read more

    1/2″, 3/4″ PEX Cinch Clamps Pinch Rings Meet F2098, 10 PCS-Pack

  • 4 heads PEX Pipe Expander Tool Kit Read more

    IWS-1960MC PEX Pipe Expander Tool Kit Meet ASTM F1960

  • BJ-0010C One Hand Cinch Clamp Tool

    BJ-0010C Rachet PEX Pipe One Hand Cinch Clamp Tool Meet ASTM F2098

  • PEX-1210C PEX Crimp Ring Removal Tool

    PEX-1210C PEX Crimp Ring Removal Tool for 1/2-Inch,3/4-Inch,1-Inch F1807 Copper Crimp Rings

  • PEX Expander Head Read more

    3/4inch 1/2inch and 1inch Automatic Rotating PEX Expander Heads and Expansion Set

  • Sale IWS-1234P & IWS-1234PS pipe crimping tool Read more

    iCrimp IWS-1234P & IWS-1234PS F1807 Pex Pipe Crimp Tool for Crimp Jaw 1/2″ & 3/4″

  • IWS-125 Pex Pipe Crimping Tool

    iCrimp IWS-125 Pex Pipe Crimper Tool for Copper Ring Crimp Jaw Sets 1-1/4″

  • iCrimp F1807 PEX Crimp Tool 1/2″&3/4″ Combo Angled-heads PEX Crimp Tools with GO NO GO Gauge

  • PEX Pipe Tubing Cutter

    iCrimp PEX Pipe Tubing Cutter for Cutting 1/8″-1″ PEX Tubings

  • Combo Angle Copper Ring Crimping Tool Kit Read more

    iCrimp IWS-1234C F1807 1/2″&3/4″ Combo Angle Copper Ring Crimper Tool Kit

  • KF-1096 PEX Clamp Tool

    IWISS PEX Cinch Tool for Fastening Stainless Clamps from 3/8-Inch to 1-Inch with Calibration Gauge Suits ASTM F2098 and Non F2098 Ear Hose Clamps

  • iwiss

    PC-1632 Pipe Sliding Tool Expanding Tool for Rehau Water System

  • FT-1225 compression sleeve tool

    IWISS Pipe Expansion Compression Tools FT-1225 Compression Sleeve Tool with Exchangeable jaws 12/16/20/25mm

  • F-877D Series Feature Picture Read more

    iCrimp F-877D Stainless Steel PEX Press Sleeve Crimping Plier for 1″, 1/2″, 3/4″ Pex Pipe Connection

  • IWS-1625AC Multi-layer Pipe Pressing Tool with Folding Handles Read more

    iCrimp IWS-1625 Pipe Crimper for 16mm, 20mm, 25mm Multi-Layer and PEX Pipe Fittings

  • WK-666 bender kit

    IWISS Multi Bender Kit, Reverse Bending

  • 2-in-1 ladder type tube bender WK-1012-A

    IWISS Ladder Type Tube Benders

  • CT-300A CT-300AL

    CT-300A CT-300AL Refrigeration Tools

  • CT-100

    CT-100 Refrigeration Tools