IWISS Network Tools

Including coaxial cable connector crimp tools, RJ11/12/45 ethernet connecting, impact punch down tools, coaxial cable stripping tools and application for various of connectors to the as F, BNC, RCA, RG-59/6 BNC connector, RG-59, RG-6, RG-6 (5c) non-ratchet type etc.

Network tools are widely used in edge, cutting, stripping more modular plugs, crimp IDC connectors, curly waterproof connector, article points the modular plug, phone and internet connector, coaxial cable, pressure to spin off all kinds of coaxial cable, cable, modules, distribution frame, change cable manager, cross connection terminal block, cable test, solve the problem of network.

Its characteristics are as follows: light weight, the operation is simple and effective. Coaxial pressure stripping tool don’t need to replace the tape. Inside the product structure is compact, cost-effective. No repeat adjustments. All kinds of products are multi-functional, makes work more convenient.

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