IWISS Wire Rope Crimping Pliers

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  • IWISS IWS-2316R Stainless Steel Cable Railing Tensioner Swage Tool

  • wire rope tool with cutter IWS-1608-C

    IWISS Multidiameter Compression Tools for Wire Rope and Wire Rope Sleeves with Built-in Cutter Works from 3/64” to 1/8”

  • iCrimp CWR1522 Wire Rope Crimper Tool with Cutting Function upto 2.2mm

  • iCrimp CWR1328 wire rope crimping tool with cutting

    iCrimp CWR1328 Wire Rope Crimper Tool with Cutting Function for 1/32~1/8-inch Aluminum Sleeves

  • icrimp IWS-7 Steel Wire Cutter

    iCrimp IWS-7 Steel Wire Rope Partner

  • WX-250 wire rope crimping tool black Read more

    Red/Black WX-250 Wire Rope Swager for Crimping Fishing Lines Up To 2.2mm

  • IWS-1608B Wire Rope Crimping Tool

    IWS-1608B Wire Rope Swager Tool for Wire Rope Swage Up to 3/16″(5mm)

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    IWISS Wire Rope Tool from 1/16-inch to 1/8-inch with Wire Rope Cutter

  • WXS-255 Wire Rope Crimper

    WXS-255 Wire Rope Swaging Tool for Wire Rope up to 2.2mm

  • AM-116-Cable-Tool

    AM-116 Wire Rope Crimping Machine for Wire Ropes