IWISS SN Series Mini European Style Crimping Plier

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  • SN-58B 0.25-1.5MM², AWG24-16 Non-insulated Crimper for Dupont Jumper Wire EPS PCIE SATA PINS MOLEX JST Terminals

  • SN-48B Pin Crimping Tools 3.96/4.8/5.08/6.3mm Pitch Connectors 26-16AWG Crimper 0.14-1.5mm² For Open Barrel Terminals D-sub Conenctors

  • SN-025 Dupont Crimper, O Crimp Tool, D-sub, Dupont Connector Wire Crimp Tool AWG 28-18(0.1-1mm²) for Harwin, Amphenol MINI-PV Connectors Molex KK 396 Micro Timer Connectors

  • SN-2549 Ratcheting Wire Crimping Tools for JST ZH 1.5mm, PH 2.0mm, XH 2.5mm, VH 3.96mm, JWPS 4.0mm Pitch, Dupont 2.54mm Pitch Open Barrel Terminals, AWG28-18 (0.08-1.0mm²)

  • SN-01BM AWG 28-20(0.08-0.5mm²) Micro Connector Crimping Tools for JST XH 2.54/3.96mm Pitch Connectors, Dupont, D-Sub, Molex 2.0mm Terminals for Servo, FPV Usages

  • IWISS SN Ratchet Crimper Tool Set Automotive with 5 Quick Changing Powder Metallurgy Dies for IWS4 Solar Connector, Insulated & Non-Insulated Terminal, Open Barrel Dupont Connector, End Sleeve Ferrule

  • SN-025 crimper photo

    SN-025 Ratchet Crimper AWG28-18, 0.1-1.0mm2

  • SN-11011 Wire Crimping Plier

    SN-11011 Wire Crimping Plier Hand Crimper


    SN-02C Ratchet Terminal Crimping Plier Tool, 24-14AWG

  • SN-2549 Wire Crimping Plier Range 0.08-0.5/0.25/0.5/1.0mm2 (28-18AWG)

  • SN-01BM D-Sub Terminal Crimper Tool, AWG28-20(0.08-0.5mm²)

  • AN-48B featured picture

    SN-48B Ratchet Terminal Crimping Plier for AWG26-16 Terminals