IWISS Pneumatic and Electrical Crimping Pliers
Iwiss Pneumatic and Electrical Crimping Pliers is the transportable worktop crimping device, Compatible with all crimping heads of the Iwiss crimping dies series, Continuous operation, Efficient product processing process and perfect crimping effect is your ideal partner in the world.

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  • AM-1257 featured picture

    AM-1257 Pneumatic Crimping Machine for Solid Contacts and Heavy Duty Contacts AWG22-10

  • Sale A28B customized crimping die set Read more

    Regular Crimping Die Sets Selection Used both in Pneumatic Crimper AM-10 and Electric Crimper EM-6B2

  • AM-70 Pneumatic Crimping Tool

    AM-70 Pneumatic Crimping Plier for Various of Lugs

  • AM-240 Pneumatic Crimping Tool

    AM-240 Pneumatic Crimper Tool for Various of Lugs

  • AM6-4 Pneumatic Crimp Tool

    AM6-4 Pneumatic Crimp Tool for Crimping from 0.08 mm² to 6 mm²

  • AM6-6 Pneumatic Tool

    AM6-6 Pneumatic Tool for Crimping 6mm2 Max

  • Sale AM-10 Pneumatic Crimping Tool

    AM-10 Pneumatic Crimper Tool for Crimping 16mm2 Max

  • Electrical Crimping Tool Read more

    EM-6B Electrical Crimping Machine for 0.25mm² to 10mm²