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  • AM6-4 Pneumatic Crimp Tool

    AM6-4 Pneumatic Crimp Tool for Crimping from 0.08 mm² to 6 mm²

  • AM6-6 Pneumatic Tool

    AM6-6 Pneumatic Tool for Crimping 6mm2 Max

  • Sale AM-10 Pneumatic Crimping Tool

    AM-10 Pneumatic Crimper Tool for Crimping 16mm2 Max

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    HSC8 Series Wire Crimper Tools for Crimping 16mm² Max End-Sleeves Ferrules

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    AP-11 Ratcheting Crimping Tool for 15/30/45 Amp Power Connectors, Amateur Radio & Modular Power Wiring

  • HS-30J featured image

    HS Series Crimping Pliers for Variety Type Terminals


    SN-02C Ratchet Terminal Crimping Plier Tool, 24-14AWG

  • SN-2549 Wire Crimping Plier Range 0.08-0.5/0.25/0.5/1.0mm2 (28-18AWG)

  • SN-01BM D-Sub Terminal Crimper Tool, AWG28-20(0.08-0.5mm²)

  • AN-48B featured picture

    SN-48B Ratchet Terminal Crimping Plier for AWG26-16 Terminals


    SN-28B Dupont Terminal Ratchet Crimper (AWG28-18)

  • MC3-Solar-PV-Connector

    MC3 Solar PV Connector for Male/Female