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    IWS-1226L Crimper Tools Works for Low Profile Environmental Splices M81824/1-XX from AWG 20-12

  • 285pcs insulated terminals and crimper IWS-30J-KIT

    IWISS Insulated Terminal Crimper Tools Ratchet Wire Crimper with 285pcs Insulated Butt, Spades, Rings Connectors from AWG22-10

  • IWS-2210H Crimper

    Heat Shrink Connectors Crimper Tools for Ring/Butt Splice/Hook/Spade Heat Shrink Connectors from AWG22-10

  • IWISS 285pcs IWS-2210H-KIT -1

    Heat Shrink Connectors Crimping Plier with 120pcs Heat Shrink Connectors from AWG22-10

  • IWS-16 for AWG 22-6

    Ratchet Crimping Plier for Non-Insulated Terminals from AWG 22-6 with Polished Jaw

  • HSC8 6-4-KIT with 770pcs ferrules

    IWISS End-sleeves Crimper Tool with 770 pcs Ferrules

  • awg 14-11 battery lugs hand crimping tool feature picture

    IWS-510 Battery Lugs and Open Barrel Connectors Crimper Tools works with Wire AWG 14-11

  • IWS-1030(10A-30A) feature pictuer

    IWS-1030 Battery Lugs and Open Barrel Connectors Crimper Tools works with Wire AWG 11-8

  • IWISS HD-2612 HDT-48-00 TE/Deutsch Terminal Contact & Heavy Duty Terminal Crimp Tool 12-26AWG Support Size 14,16,20 Solid Contact Work with Deutsch Connectors

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    Micro Open Barrel Crimper Tools Work on AWG28-20 & AWG24-12 JAM, Molex, Tyco, JST Terminals and Connectors

  • LY-2048 Ratchet spark plug wire crimper

    Ignition Wire and Terminals Ratchet Spark Plug Wire Crimper

  • IWISS IWS-30J Kit

    IWS-30J Crimper Tool Kits Suitable for Non-insulated & Insulated Cable Terminals with 5 Changeable Die Sets