IWISS Heavy Duty Connector Crimping Pliers

Specializes in electrical controls and components for railway transportation and alternative energy sources including wind energy. Contribute to climate protection, used for Harting Weidmuller, Tyco, Wain, DMC, LEMO, Phoenix connectors.

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  • KIT-125 scan photo

    DT Connector Kit 126pcs include Crimper, 2 3 4 6 8 Housings and Pin & Socket Sealed Terminals, for 20-14 Gauge

  • AM-1257 featured picture

    AM-1257 Pneumatic Crimping Machine for Solid Contacts and Heavy Duty Contacts AWG22-10

  • HDD featured picture Read more

    IWS-HDD And IWS-HEE Removal Tool for Heavy Duty Connector Contacts Extraction

  • hd-3220a

    HD-3220A Ratchet Indent Crimper for Miniature and Sub-Miniature Connector AWG 32-20

  • HD-2612D featured picture

    HD-2612D Ratchet Crimper Set for Detusch Solid Contact Size 12,16,20 applicable to DT,DTP,DTM series, Comes with Gage and Removal Tool

  • HD-0812D heavy duty crimper AWG12-8

    HD-0812D Deutsch DTP Crimper Tool for AWG12-8

  • IWISS HD-2612 HDT-48-00 TE/Deutsch Terminal Contact & Heavy Duty Terminal Crimp Tool 12-26AWG Support Size 14,16,20 Solid Contact Work with Deutsch Connectors

  • WX-0525TX Crimping Tool

    IWISS WX-0525TX Crimping Plier for Heavy Duty Connector 10A


    IWISS Hand Crimper Tools AN-0540HX Crimper Pliers

  • W4 Upper Range Crimping Tool

    IWISS W4 Upper Range Crimper Tool

  • IWS-0540HX featured picture

    A0540HX Ratchet Crimping Plier Works for AWG 26-12 Connectors

  • W7 Heavy Duty Connector Crimping Tool

    W7 Heavy Duty Connector Crimper Tool with Range AWG16-28

  • W2A and positioners Read more

    W2 12-26AWG TE/Deutsch Heavy Duty Connector Crimper Tool