IWISS Wire Cable Crimping Pliers

Iwiss Wire Cable Crimping Pliers includes hand crimping pliers, ratchet crimp pliers, with Hand, Electrical, Pneumatic types used for various of terminals. Such as heavy duty connectors, cable lugs, plugs, and many of industrial connectors.

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  • IWC-1424AB Wire Crimping Tool for Weather Pack Terminals, Metri Pack Connectors, Open Barrel Terminals, Stamped Contacts with Built-in Wire Stripper and Wire Cutter

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    Quick Change Ratcheting Wire Crimper Tool Set for Insulated, Heat Shrink, Non-Insulated Terminals, Battery Cable Lugs, IWS4 Solar connectors, Wire Ferrules, 8 Pieces with Wire Stripper

  • IWS-0810N Battery Cable Terminal Lug Crimping Tool for 8,6,4,2,1,1/0 AWG Electrical Copper Battery Lugs, Fixed Hexagonal Crimping Die Sets

  • KIT-DC02 Wire Crimping Tool Kit for Deutsch Connectors and Weather Pack Terminals with Connector Removal Tools

  • SN-2546B Soler connector crimper set

    IWISS Solar PV Cable Crimping Tool Kit for 2.5/4/6mm² with Stripper,Cutter, Solar Spanner and Solar Connectors-Oxford bag pack

  • iwiss wirefy haisstronica wire crimping tool kit knipex (2)

    IWS-QCKIT Quick Change Wire Crimping Tool Set for Insulated, Heat Shrink, Non-Insulated Terminals, Battery Cable Lugs, IWS4 Solar Connectors, Wire Ferrules, 8 Pieces with Wire Stripper

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    IWISS Battery Cable Crimping Tool Kit for 8, 6, 4, 2, 1,1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 AWG Copper Ring Terminals, Battery Cable Ends, Copper Splice, /w Radial Wire Stripper

  • SN-58B 0.25-1.5MM², AWG24-16 Non-insulated Crimper for Dupont Jumper Wire EPS PCIE SATA PINS MOLEX JST Terminals

  • SN-48B Pin Crimping Tools 3.96/4.8/5.08/6.3mm Pitch Connectors 26-16AWG Crimper 0.14-1.5mm² For Open Barrel Terminals D-sub Conenctors

  • SN-025 Dupont Crimper, O Crimp Tool, D-sub, Dupont Connector Wire Crimp Tool AWG 28-18(0.1-1mm²) for Harwin, Amphenol MINI-PV Connectors Molex KK 396 Micro Timer Connectors

  • SN-2549 Ratcheting Wire Crimping Tools for JST ZH 1.5mm, PH 2.0mm, XH 2.5mm, VH 3.96mm, JWPS 4.0mm Pitch, Dupont 2.54mm Pitch Open Barrel Terminals, AWG28-18 (0.08-1.0mm²)

  • SN-01BM AWG 28-20(0.08-0.5mm²) Micro Connector Crimping Tools for JST XH 2.54/3.96mm Pitch Connectors, Dupont, D-Sub, Molex 2.0mm Terminals for Servo, FPV Usages

  • iCrimp Close Quarters Mental Tubing Cutter, 3/16-inch to 1-1/8-inch CSST Gas Piping, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel Pipes c/w 1 Replacement Blade

  • IWC-1424AN Deutsch Stamped Contacts Crimping Plier, DT Series Crimp Tool for Size 16 Contacts, 14-24AWG Non Insulated Open Barrel Terminals from Molex, AMP, TE, Automotive Aftermarket Tool

  • Weather-Pack/Metri-Pack Crimping Plier, 20-14AWG Wire Crimper for Delphi Packard Sealed & Unsealed Terminals, Automotive Aftermarket Service Tool

  • IWISS Delphi Weather Pack Crimper, Metri Pack Crimping Plier, Wire Crimper for Sealed Weatherproof Automotive Electrical Connectors AWG14 to AWG24

  • IWISS IWC-1424A Wire Crimp Tool for Deutsch DT Series Stamped & Formed Contact, Open Barrel Terminal Crimper Tool, AWG14 to AWG24 Wire Crimper

  • IWISS SN Ratchet Crimper Tool Set Automotive with 5 Quick Changing Powder Metallurgy Dies for IWS4 Solar Connector, Insulated & Non-Insulated Terminal, Open Barrel Dupont Connector, End Sleeve Ferrule

  • MC4 spanner

    IWS-AB-S Solar PV IWS4 Solar Connector Spanner, New Design Assembly and Disassembly Tool

  • ap-50bi cable lug crimper

    AP-50BI Cable Crimper for Copper Cable Lugs from 8-2AWG

  • iws-0840C punch type crimper

    IWS-0840C Punch Type Battery Lug Wire Crimp Tool For AWG8-4/0

  • IWS-70DT HEX TYPE Read more

    IWS-70DT Hex Type, Point Type, B Type Battery Lugs Desk Type Cable Crimp Tools for 6-70mm² AWG 10-2/0

  • iws-0670c hand-held crimper

    IWS-0670C Intensive Indent Battery Lug Wire Crimp Tool For 6-70 mm²(AWG10-2/0)

  • SN-025 crimper photo

    SN-025 Ratchet Crimper AWG28-18, 0.1-1.0mm2

  • IWS-06120DT featured picture

    IWS-06120DT Battery Lug Crimper Tool for Battery Cable Ends, Tubular Cable Lugs, Solderless Copper Cable Lugs-Indent/Punch Type(For 6-120 mm2)

  • 1442l featured picture

    IWS-1442L Open Barrel Terminals Crimper for AWG 30-14

  • IWS-065 scan photo

    IWS-065 Wire Stripper and Cutter, 7-inch Portable Wire Shear for AWG14-8

  • IWISS weather pack KIT-1104

    KIT-1106 Weather Pack Tool Kit with Crimper and Release Tool for 20-12 Gauge Open Barrel Contacts

  • KIT-125 scan photo

    DT Connector Kit 126pcs include Crimper, 2 3 4 6 8 Housings and Pin & Socket Sealed Terminals, for 20-14 Gauge

  • AM-1257 featured picture

    AM-1257 Pneumatic Crimping Machine for Solid Contacts and Heavy Duty Contacts AWG22-10

  • HSC8 16-6 featured picture

    HSC8 16-6 Hexagonal Type Ratchet Crimper Tools for 0.5-16.0mm² End Sleeves

  • HDD featured picture Read more

    IWS-HDD And IWS-HEE Removal Tool for Heavy Duty Connector Contacts Extraction

  • hd-3220a

    HD-3220A Ratchet Indent Crimper for Miniature and Sub-Miniature Connector AWG 32-20

  • HD-2612D featured picture

    HD-2612D Ratchet Crimper Set for Detusch Solid Contact Size 12,16,20 applicable to DT,DTP,DTM series, Comes with Gage and Removal Tool

  • HD-0812D heavy duty crimper AWG12-8

    HD-0812D Deutsch DTP Crimper Tool for AWG12-8

  • KIT-0535 ratchet crimping toolset

    IWISS KIT-0535 Quick Exchange Jaw Ratcheting Crimper Tool Set 8 PCS for AWG 22-2

  • HX-50BI featured picture

    HX-50BI Single Cable Lug Crimper Tool for Heavy Duty Wire Lugs,Battery Terminal, Copper Lugs AWG 8-1/0

  • IWISS KIT-DC01 Automotive Rapair Tool Kit of Crimp Tools and Removal Tools for Deutsch Terminals and Weather Pack Terminals

  • IWISS IWS-2316R Stainless Steel Cable Railing Tensioner Swage Tool

  • IWS-0801C Cable Crimper for Copper Cable Lugs

    IWISS IWS-0801C Battery Cable Lug Crimper Tool from AWG 8-1 with Built-in Cable Cutter

  • IWS-1040S Cable Crimper for Copper Cable Lugs

    IWISS IWS-1040S Cable Crimper for Copper Cable Lugs from 1/0-4/0AWG

  • wire rope tool with cutter IWS-1608-C

    IWISS Multidiameter Compression Tools for Wire Rope and Wire Rope Sleeves with Built-in Cutter Works from 3/64” to 1/8”

  • iCrimp wire rope cutter CWR60

    iCrimp Wire Rope Cutter for Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Aircraft Cable, CopperCable, Piano Wire upto 60mm (CWR60)

  • iCrimp wire rope cutter CWR35

    iCrimp Wire Rope Cutter for Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Aircraft Cable, CopperCable, Piano Wire (CWR35)

  • iCrimp CWR1522 Wire Rope Crimper Tool with Cutting Function upto 2.2mm

  • iCrimp CWR1328 wire rope crimping tool with cutting

    iCrimp CWR1328 Wire Rope Crimper Tool with Cutting Function for 1/32~1/8-inch Aluminum Sleeves

  • Desk Type Open Barrel Connectors Crimping Tools IWS-8200DT

    IWISS Battery Lugs and Open Barrel Connectors Crimper Tools-Desk Type IWS-8200DT(80A-200A)

  • IWD-16 closed barrel crimper Read more

    IWISS Closed Barrel Crimper 4 Way Indent, 8 Impression Type for Deutsch Solid Contacts


    IWS-1226L Crimper Tools Works for Low Profile Environmental Splices M81824/1-XX from AWG 20-12

  • 285pcs insulated terminals and crimper IWS-30J-KIT

    IWISS Insulated Terminal Crimper Tools Ratchet Wire Crimper with 285pcs Insulated Butt, Spades, Rings Connectors from AWG22-10

  • IWS-2210H Crimper

    Heat Shrink Connectors Crimper Tools for Ring/Butt Splice/Hook/Spade Heat Shrink Connectors from AWG22-10

  • IWISS 285pcs IWS-2210H-KIT -1

    Heat Shrink Connectors Crimping Plier with 120pcs Heat Shrink Connectors from AWG22-10

  • IWS-16 for AWG 22-6

    Ratchet Crimping Plier for Non-Insulated Terminals from AWG 22-6 with Polished Jaw

  • HSC8 6-4-KIT with 770pcs ferrules

    IWISS End-sleeves Crimper Tool with 770 pcs Ferrules

  • Sale A28B customized crimping die set Read more

    Regular Crimping Die Sets Selection Used both in Pneumatic Crimper AM-10 and Electric Crimper EM-6B2

  • C type 1/2″-2″ Portable Manual Knockout Punch Kit

  • awg 14-11 battery lugs hand crimping tool feature picture

    IWS-510 Battery Lugs and Open Barrel Connectors Crimper Tools works with Wire AWG 14-11

  • IWS-1030(10A-30A) feature pictuer

    IWS-1030 Battery Lugs and Open Barrel Connectors Crimper Tools works with Wire AWG 11-8

  • IWS-5100A feature picture

    IWS-5100A Battery Lugs and Open Barrel Connectors Crimper Tools works with Wire AWG 16-4

  • IWS-8200A Feature Picture

    IWS-8200A Battery Lugs and Open Barrel Connectors Crimping Plier works with Wire AWG 5-3

  • HX-120B feature picture

    HX-120B Wire Terminal Crimping Plier Cable Lug Crimper

  • IWISS HD-2612 HDT-48-00 TE/Deutsch Terminal Contact & Heavy Duty Terminal Crimp Tool 12-26AWG Support Size 14,16,20 Solid Contact Work with Deutsch Connectors

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    Micro Open Barrel Crimper Tools Work on AWG28-20 & AWG24-12 JAM, Molex, Tyco, JST Terminals and Connectors

  • LY-2048 Ratchet spark plug wire crimper

    Ignition Wire and Terminals Ratchet Spark Plug Wire Crimper

  • IWISS IWS-30J Kit

    IWS-30J Crimper Tool Kits Suitable for Non-insulated & Insulated Cable Terminals with 5 Changeable Die Sets

  • One-Step Weather Pack Crimp Tool

    One-Step Weather Pack Crimp Tool, Metri-Pack Crimper for AWG 24-14

  • SN-11011 Wire Crimping Plier

    SN-11011 Wire Crimping Plier Hand Crimper

  • Sale AN-48B featured picture Read more

    IWISS SN Series Wire Crimping Pliers

  • WX-0525TX Crimping Tool

    IWISS WX-0525TX Crimping Plier for Heavy Duty Connector 10A


    IWISS Hand Crimper Tools AN-0540HX Crimper Pliers

  • CT-38 Crimping Tools Read more

    IWISS CT SERIES Cable Lug Crimping Plier for Battery and Welder Cables

  • W4 Upper Range Crimping Tool

    IWISS W4 Upper Range Crimper Tool


    HX-50BI Wire Terminal Crimping Plier Cable Lug Crimper

  • IWISS IWS-3220M Micro Connector Pin Crimper Tool

  • IWS-11RT Removal Tool

    IWS-11TRT Wire Terminals Removal Tool Set for Car Electrical Wiring Crimping

  • IWS WX-70WF crimping tool

    WX-70WF Ratchet Terminal Crimper Tools for AWG 4-2/0

  • LY-2546B MC4 Crimping Tool Kit

    IWISS LY-2546B Solar Wire Crimping Plier Kit for IWS4 Solar Connector

  • Solar Crimping Tool Kit

    KIT-2546S Solar Crimping Plier Kit for IWS4 Solar Cable Connectors