Do you know how to make a PEX crimp connection? For the PEX connection work, you will need the following:

  1. PEX tubing;
  2. Brass or poly PEX crimp fitting(s);
  3. PEX crimp ring(s);
  4. PEX tools:

1. Making a Crimp Connection


Cut PEX tubing end squarely. Remove any burrs.

crimp step 1


Insert fitting into end of tubing until it stops. Slide crimp ring and position crimp ring 1/8″ to 1/4″ from the end of the tubing and over the ribs of the fitting.

crimp step 2


Open the tool handle. Place the crimping end of the tool around the crimp ring and press the handles completely.

crimp step 3


Check for proper crimp with the Go/ No-Go gauge.

crimp step 4

2.Check for Proper Crimp

Measure the crimped ring with the GO-NO-GO gauge after the connection. The crimp ring should fit as the 1st image here:

go-no-go correct fit
go-no-go wrong fit

Connection is complete

5 crimping result

3.Remove the Crimp Ring

If the connection does not gauge, or it was done improperly, a crimp ring removal tool could be used to remove the crimp ring:


Cut off the section of PEX tubing with the fitting. Try to make the cut as close to the end of the fitting as possible without scratching it or damaging the cutter.

1. cut the pipe


Insert the removal tool into the cut-off section as shown.

2.insert removal tool into fitting


Rotate the piece 180 degrees and repeat Step 2. The PEX crimp ring will fully split in half, making it easy to remove it by hand.

3.cut throught the crimp ring


The remaining piece of PEX tubing can now be easily removed, leaving an undamaged PEX fitting which can be used again.

4.remove the tubing

That’s the main works to do in PEX crimp conection, thank you for your reading. Find more information about crimp the PEX copper ring.