IWISS 2 Pin Way Deutsch DT Gray Connector Assortment(8 Pairs), Size 16 Stamped Contacts, Auto Electrical Wiring Connectors

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Descripción del producto

  • Purpose: DT 2 Way Gray Connector Assembly Kit(8 Pairs). This kit contains all of the items necessary to complete both ends of a 2 contact assembly using DT stamped & formed contact connectors.
  • Applications: The Deutsch DT series connectors are by far the most popular connector used in many automotive, industrial and motorsport applications.
  • Performance: DT Connectors are built to be weather resistant as well as dust proof,resulting the DT series connectors being rated to IP68. Vibration and drop tested.
  • Stamped-Formed Contacts: The Deutsch Size 16 Stamped-Formed Contacts 1060-16-0122(Pin) & 1062-16-0122-PS(Socket) are designed for use with 18-14 ga wire within a size 16 cavity.
  • Recommended Crimp Tool: It’s recommended to crimp with IWS-1424AN Deutsch Stamped & Formed Contact Crimp Tool, creating “O” shape crimps on wire insulation.


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