IWISS 1-in PEX Expansion Ring(Sleeve), ProPEX F1960 Style for Use in Potable Water Distribution System, NSF Certified, 25 Pack

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Descripción del producto

  • Purpose: 1 inch PEX expansion rings are for use installing PEX-a tubing with ASTM F1960 Expansion PEX fittings. Includes a stop edge to further simplify the use of Expansion PEX fittings.
  • Material: Manufactured from PEX-a material. Degree of Crosslinking: 70% to 89%.
  • PEX Expansion: Known as cold expansion, conforms to the ASTM F1960 standard specification and uses a PEX expansion ring and a fitting with a larger internal diameter to make a connection.
  • Applications: Expander fittings for PEX are commonly used with residential cold and hot water supply lines, radiant heat and cooling systems, fire suppression systems and ice melting systems.
  • Recommended Tool(not included): IWS-1960R PEX-a Expansion Tool Kit with Auto Rotation Adapter. The Auto Rotation Adapter will automatically rotate to ensure the tubing is evenly expanded. B09C1RTLD1


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