ICP-CT03 PEX-a Expansion Ring/Sleeve Removal Tool for Reusing 5/8-in, 1/2-in, 3/4-in, 1-in ASTM F1960 Brass Expansion Fittings from Uponor ProPex, Sioux Chief PowerPex, Patented PEX Tool

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Descripción del producto

  • Expansion Ring Removal Tool: ICP-CT03 Expansion Sleeve Removal Tool is specifically designed to remove plastic expansion rings and PEX-a tubings from brass PEX fittings in the event of a mistake or need for a modification.
  • Non-Heating Removal: Traditional way to remove expansion rings from existing connection is to apply heat around tubings, which is time-consuming and likely to fail. ICP-CT03 helps remove expansion rings and PEX-a tubings in few cuts to reuse brass PEX-a fittings.
  • Damage Free: A fitting that has been removed and is in good shape can be used in another system saving money. Avoid cutting on the insert ribs or barbed area, which will damage the fitting making it unusable. Ideal for reusing PEX-a brass fittings from Uponor, Sioux Chief, Zurn, etc.
  • Versatility: Compatible with any brand of expansion rings designed to use with PEX-a tubing and brass expansion fittings. For use with up to 1 inch expansion rings and PEX-a tubings.
  • For Brass Fittings only. Not for poly/PPSU fittings.
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