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  • IWC-1424AB Wire Crimping Tool for Weather Pack Terminals, Metri Pack Connectors, Open Barrel Terminals, Stamped Contacts with Built-in Wire Stripper and Wire Cutter

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    Quick Change Ratcheting Wire Crimper Tool Set for Insulated, Heat Shrink, Non-Insulated Terminals, Battery Cable Lugs, IWS4 Solar connectors, Wire Ferrules, 8 Pieces with Wire Stripper

  • IWS-0810N Battery Cable Terminal Lug Crimping Tool for 8,6,4,2,1,1/0 AWG Electrical Copper Battery Lugs, Fixed Hexagonal Crimping Die Sets

  • IWS-D10 Automatic Wire Stripper / Wire Cutter for 25-5 AWG Solid & Stranded Wires, Self Adjusting Wire Stripping Tool

  • KIT-DC02 Wire Crimping Tool Kit for Deutsch Connectors and Weather Pack Terminals with Connector Removal Tools

  • SN-2546B Soler connector crimper set

    IWISS Solar PV Cable Crimping Tool Kit for 2.5/4/6mm² with Stripper,Cutter, Solar Spanner and Solar Connectors-Oxford bag pack

  • iwiss wirefy haisstronica wire crimping tool kit knipex (2)

    IWS-QCKIT Quick Change Wire Crimping Tool Set for Insulated, Heat Shrink, Non-Insulated Terminals, Battery Cable Lugs, IWS4 Solar Connectors, Wire Ferrules, 8 Pieces with Wire Stripper

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    IWISS Battery Cable Crimping Tool Kit for 8, 6, 4, 2, 1,1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 AWG Copper Ring Terminals, Battery Cable Ends, Copper Splice, /w Radial Wire Stripper

  • SN-58B 0.25-1.5MM², AWG24-16 Non-insulated Crimper for Dupont Jumper Wire EPS PCIE SATA PINS MOLEX JST Terminals

  • SN-48B Pin Crimping Tools 3.96/4.8/5.08/6.3mm Pitch Connectors 26-16AWG Crimper 0.14-1.5mm² For Open Barrel Terminals D-sub Conenctors

  • SN-025 Dupont Crimper, O Crimp Tool, D-sub, Dupont Connector Wire Crimp Tool AWG 28-18(0.1-1mm²) for Harwin, Amphenol MINI-PV Connectors Molex KK 396 Micro Timer Connectors

  • SN-2549 Ratcheting Wire Crimping Tools for JST ZH 1.5mm, PH 2.0mm, XH 2.5mm, VH 3.96mm, JWPS 4.0mm Pitch, Dupont 2.54mm Pitch Open Barrel Terminals, AWG28-18 (0.08-1.0mm²)

  • SN-01BM AWG 28-20(0.08-0.5mm²) Micro Connector Crimping Tools for JST XH 2.54/3.96mm Pitch Connectors, Dupont, D-Sub, Molex 2.0mm Terminals for Servo, FPV Usages

  • iCrimp Close Quarters Mental Tubing Cutter, 3/16-inch to 1-1/8-inch CSST Gas Piping, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel Pipes c/w 1 Replacement Blade

  • IWISS 2 Pin Way Deutsch DT Gray Connector Assortment(8 Pairs), Size 16 Stamped Contacts, Auto Electrical Wiring Connectors

  • IWISS DEUTSCH Size 16 Solid Contacts DT Series Connector, 50 Pairs Common Contacts, Automotive Terminals, Ni Plating Pin and Socket Contacts, 14AWG Wire Size

  • Wire Cutter, Shear Cut, Electrician’s Cable Cutting Pliers Up to 3 Gauge Wires, Compact Style

  • iCrimp Utility Knife for Cable Skinning, Wire Insulation Dismantling Knife, 2-Pack Insulated Electricians Cable Stripping Knives, Fixed Blade

  • IWC-1424AN Deutsch Stamped Contacts Crimping Plier, DT Series Crimp Tool for Size 16 Contacts, 14-24AWG Non Insulated Open Barrel Terminals from Molex, AMP, TE, Automotive Aftermarket Tool

  • Weather-Pack/Metri-Pack Crimping Plier, 20-14AWG Wire Crimper for Delphi Packard Sealed & Unsealed Terminals, Automotive Aftermarket Service Tool

  • IWISS 188PCS Deutsch DT Gray Connector Kit with Size 16 Solid Contacts in 2,3,4,6,8 and 12 Pin Configurations, Environmentally Sealed Automotive Electrical Connectors

  • Deutsch DT Series Connector Assortment, Size 16 Stamped Contacts, Waterproof Automotive Electrical Connectors, 188 Pieces

  • IWISS Delphi Weather Pack Crimper, Metri Pack Crimping Plier, Wire Crimper for Sealed Weatherproof Automotive Electrical Connectors AWG14 to AWG24

  • IWISS IWC-1424A Wire Crimp Tool for Deutsch DT Series Stamped & Formed Contact, Open Barrel Terminal Crimper Tool, AWG14 to AWG24 Wire Crimper

  • IWISS DEUTSCH 519PCS DT Connector Kit in 2,3,4,6,8,12 Pin Configurations, Size 16 Stamped Formed Contacts(AWG 14), Wedgelock & Pin Extraction Tools, Ideal for Automotive Aftermarket Service

  • IWISS DEUTSCH 519PCS DT Connector Kit in 2,3,4,6,8,12 Pin Configurations, Size 16 Stamped Formed Contacts(AWG 14), Wedgelock & Pin Extraction Tools, Ideal for Automotive Aftermarket Service

  • IWISS 126PCS 3:1 Shrink Ratio Heat Shrink Tubing Kit, Electrical Wire Cable Wrap Assortment Match HX-50B & IWS-0801C Battery Cable Lug Crimper

  • IWISS 1550PCS 2.54mm Pitch Wire-to-Wire Dupont Connector Kit, includes Pin Headers, Jumper Wire, Crimp Pins for RC Servo, Arduino, SMT, SATA, EPS, PCIE, Battery Balancer

  • IWISS ET-01 Deutsch Insertion & Extraction Tools, Contact Extraction, Contact-to-Housing, Wedgelock Removal Tool for DT, DTM, DTP-Series

  • IWISS 519Pcs Deutsch DT Gray Connectors in 2,3,4,6,8,12 Pin Configurations Size 16 Solid Pin Extraction Tool Removal Tool Automotive Repair Accessory Kit for Truck,Bus,Off-Road,Mining,Motorcycle

  • IWISS SN Ratchet Crimper Tool Set Automotive with 5 Quick Changing Powder Metallurgy Dies for IWS4 Solar Connector, Insulated & Non-Insulated Terminal, Open Barrel Dupont Connector, End Sleeve Ferrule

  • MC4 spanner

    IWS-AB-S Solar PV IWS4 Solar Connector Spanner, New Design Assembly and Disassembly Tool

  • ap-50bi cable lug crimper

    AP-50BI Cable Crimper for Copper Cable Lugs from 8-2AWG

  • iws-0840C punch type crimper

    IWS-0840C Punch Type Battery Lug Wire Crimp Tool For AWG8-4/0

  • IWS-70DT HEX TYPE Leer más

    IWS-70DT Hex Type, Point Type, B Type Battery Lugs Desk Type Cable Crimp Tools for 6-70mm² AWG 10-2/0

  • iws-0670c hand-held crimper

    IWS-0670C Intensive Indent Battery Lug Wire Crimp Tool For 6-70 mm²(AWG10-2/0)

  • SN-025 crimper photo

    SN-025 Ratchet Crimper AWG28-18, 0.1-1.0mm2

  • IWS-06120DT featured picture

    IWS-06120DT Battery Lug Crimper Tool for Battery Cable Ends, Tubular Cable Lugs, Solderless Copper Cable Lugs-Indent/Punch Type(For 6-120 mm2)

  • 1442l featured picture

    IWS-1442L Open Barrel Terminals Crimper for AWG 30-14

  • IWS-084 Long Nose Wire Stripping Crimper Tool with Cutting Function for AWG18-14

  • IWS-065 scan photo

    IWS-065 Wire Stripper and Cutter, 7-inch Portable Wire Shear for AWG14-8

  • IWS-085 scan photo

    IWS-085 One-handed Wire Stripping and Cutting Multi-Tool, Strips AWG18-3 Wires

  • IWISS weather pack KIT-1104

    KIT-1106 Weather Pack Tool Kit with Crimper and Release Tool for 20-12 Gauge Open Barrel Contacts

  • KIT-125 scan photo

    DT Connector Kit 126pcs include Crimper, 2 3 4 6 8 Housings and Pin & Socket Sealed Terminals, for 20-14 Gauge

  • AM-1257 featured picture

    AM-1257 Pneumatic Crimping Machine for Solid Contacts and Heavy Duty Contacts AWG22-10

  • HSC8 16-6 featured picture

    HSC8 16-6 Hexagonal Type Ratchet Crimper Tools for 0.5-16.0mm² End Sleeves

  • HDD featured picture Leer más

    IWS-HDD And IWS-HEE Removal Tool for Heavy Duty Connector Contacts Extraction

  • hd-3220a

    HD-3220A Ratchet Indent Crimper for Miniature and Sub-Miniature Connector AWG 32-20

  • HD-2612D featured picture

    HD-2612D Ratchet Crimper Set for Detusch Solid Contact Size 12,16,20 applicable to DT,DTP,DTM series, Comes with Gage and Removal Tool

  • HD-0812D heavy duty crimper AWG12-8

    HD-0812D Deutsch DTP Crimper Tool for AWG12-8

  • KIT-0535 ratchet crimping toolset

    IWISS KIT-0535 Quick Exchange Jaw Ratcheting Crimper Tool Set 8 PCS for AWG 22-2

  • HX-50BI featured picture

    HX-50BI Single Cable Lug Crimper Tool for Heavy Duty Wire Lugs,Battery Terminal, Copper Lugs AWG 8-1/0

  • IWISS KIT-DC01 Automotive Rapair Tool Kit of Crimp Tools and Removal Tools for Deutsch Terminals and Weather Pack Terminals

  • IWISS IWS-2316R Stainless Steel Cable Railing Tensioner Swage Tool

  • IWS-0801C Cable Crimper for Copper Cable Lugs

    IWISS IWS-0801C Battery Cable Lug Crimper Tool from AWG 8-1 with Built-in Cable Cutter

  • IWS-1040S Cable Crimper for Copper Cable Lugs

    IWISS IWS-1040S Cable Crimper for Copper Cable Lugs from 1/0-4/0AWG

  • wire rope tool with cutter IWS-1608-C

    IWISS Multidiameter Compression Tools for Wire Rope and Wire Rope Sleeves with Built-in Cutter Works from 3/64” to 1/8”

  • iCrimp wire rope cutter CWR60

    iCrimp Wire Rope Cutter for Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Aircraft Cable, CopperCable, Piano Wire upto 60mm (CWR60)

  • iCrimp wire rope cutter CWR35

    iCrimp Wire Rope Cutter for Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Aircraft Cable, CopperCable, Piano Wire (CWR35)

  • iCrimp CWR1522 Herramienta para prensar cables con función de corte de hasta 2.2mm

  • iCrimp CWR1328 herramienta para prensar cables con corte

    iCrimp CWR1328 Herramienta para prensar cables de acero con función de corte para fundas de aluminio de 1/32~1/8 de pulgada

  • Tipo de escritorio Conectores de barril abierto Herramientas de engarzado IWS-8200DT

    IWISS Agarraderas de batería y conectores de barril abierto Herramientas de engarzado – Tipo de escritorio IWS-8200DT (80A-200A)

  • IWD-16 engarzadora de cañón cerrado Leer más

    IWISS Crimpadora de barril cerrado, muesca de 4 vías, 8 tipo de impresión para contactos sólidos de Deutsch


    IWS-1226L Crimping Tools funciona para empalmes ambientales de bajo perfil M81824 / 1-XX de AWG 20-12

  • 285 piezas terminales aisladas y arrugador IWS-30J-KIT

    Herramientas de engarce de terminales aisladas IWISS Engarzador de alambre de trinquete con 285 piezas de tope con aislamiento, espadas, conectores de anillos de AWG22-10

  • 620 unids conectores con cortador IWS-620KIT-1

    Conector de carcasa de pin IWISS 620pcs y pernos de engarce DuPont. Kit de adaptador con cortador de alambre micro. ¡Cumpla todas sus expectativas de proyecto de bricolaje!

  • Arrugador IWS-2210H

    Conectores de reducción de calor Herramientas de engarce para conectores de reducción de calor de anillo/empalme/gancho/espada de AWG22-10

  • IWISS 285pcs IWS-2210H-KIT -1

    Herramientas de engarce de conectores de termocontracción con conectores de termorretráctil de 120 piezas de AWG22-10

  • IWS-16 para AWG 22-6

    Herramienta de engarce de trinquete para terminales no aislados de AWG 22-6 con mordaza pulida

  • HSC8 6-4-KIT con casquillos 770pcs

    Herramienta de engarce de extremos IWISS con casquillos de 770 piezas

  • Sale Juego de troqueles de engaste personalizados A28B Leer más

    Selección de conjuntos de troqueles de engarce regulares utilizados tanto en las herramientas de engarzado neumáticas AM-10 como en las herramientas de engarzado eléctricas EM-6B2