There’re thousands of terminal types and hundreds of termination styles in this world. You’ll need electrical wirings to make household appliances work, VDV connectors to let network in, etc. IWISS is committed to making cost-effective and trustworthy tools for wide-spread terminals, as well as some not well-known but professional terminals like M81824/1-XX, a member of MiniSeal Series from TE.


MiniSeal wire-to-wire splicing products offer solutions for hundreds of aerospace and defense applications. These environment-resistant splices provide excellent reliability, long term performance, MIL-S-81824/1 qualification, and a low installed cost.


MiniSeal crimp splices consist of a plated copper crimp barrel and a separate, heat-shrinkable, transparent sealing sleeve. They can be used on a combination of wires, from 1:1 to 10:10. MiniSeal splices are one of the smallest, lightest, and most environment resistant splices available. They preserve the electrical integrity of the splice by preventing the penetration of liquids and the resulting chemical and galvanic corrosion.

M81824/1-01, 02, 03 Butt Splice(in-line)


  1. Insert splice to the chosen cavity, and let splice rest in the location. Insert the wire into the splice. Close the handle and complete the cycle.

IWS-1226L Instruction step 1

2. Install the heat shrink sleeve in to the wire and crimp the opposite side of the splice.

IWS-1226L Instruction step 2

3. Slide the heat sleeve over the splice and apply heat evenly.

IWS-1226L Instruction step 3

4. Cool down and finished with a sealed connection.

IWS-1226L Instruction step 4

Feel free to click and check the operation video here:

IWISS IWS-1226L Environmental Splice Crimping Tool