Top 1 seller in Pipe Tools category. 25% YOY increase in crimping tool category.

Annual turnover of 850,000 units hand tools in global markets.

Continuous investment into R&D accelerates new product launches.

Trusted by professional users in automotive, military industries, research and development institutions.

99% First Pass Yield achieves high CSAT.


IWISS Tools, founded in the 2008 Olympic year, has established two production bases to manufacture pipe tools and cable tools respectively by the year of 2013. With an annual production capability of 850,000 pieces, IWISS tools are widely sold to North America, Europe and Australia. The performance, service life and ergonomics of our cable tools are guided by the need to meet the high expectations of professional users. That’s why we use particularly high-quality materials and modern production technology. With this QC principle and nearly 10 years’ endeavor of our people, IWISS has successfully qualified with ISO9001:2015 and established a wholesome distribution system. Apart from traditional B2B trades, IWISS is also growing in online sales. Thanks to our experience in selling on Amazon, eBay and Walmart, we’re reaching a better understanding of the retail markets in Europe and North America. IWISS Tools thanks the friends from all societies for your support and reliance, we’ll persist in inheriting the enterprise culture, cultivating scientific and technological talents, fulfilling social responsibility.


All IWISS solutions involve creativity, technological expertise and a close dialogue with yourself, our users and our system partners. The performance, service life and ergonomics of our tools are guided by the demand to meet the high expectations of professional users.

That is why we use particularly high-quality materials and modern production technology.

In the dynamic and ever-changing world, IWISS determines to march further into the global market. With our professional technologies, production expertise and spirit of innovation, we look forward to cooperate with more partners domestically and abroad to bring more efficiency into every corner of the world.

By combining strong development capabilities with decentralized sales and service excellence, we have become one of the top providers in the market. The highest levels of professionalism from material development through manufacturing, together with a passion for the unlimited potential of tools are the foundation of our worldwide success as a premium tool maker.


A relocation plan is underway and is expected to be completed before December of 2020. IWISS is currently focused on “Tool Industry Innovation” on a global basis as the company common strategy in order to achieve the target of ”Embracing Next Business Opportunity”. Better production facilities, more storage space and higher-level personnel are required to meet the changing needs of customers and trends. Therefore, in order to achieve the business growth target, we decide to relocate into a new office which will be located in the address below.

12F #8 Building, No.21 Lvting Blvd, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Wherever we are, we’re here to strive for providing the excellent service in appreciation of your support.


IWISS keeps up with the steady growth through its front first stragety — globalization. As the CEO of IWISS, Robin Wang said, any company or factory should have awareness of globalization, which will lead the company contiously approaching to a broader and more emerging market.




November 10

New workshop and office headquarters

An office building was purchased near Alibaba(Hangzhou) used for the headquarters office, and the total area of the production workshop was expanded to 8500mm2.

February 26

Oracle Netsuite as Business Software

We choose Oracle NetSuite as a global management tool to help us improve our financial management, order management, customer management, inventory management and supply chain management capabilities

June 15

Launch new product series

Successfully developed wire rope crimping tools with cutter inside, Deutsch crimping tools, and pipe tools became the best-selling products in the United States and Canada.

May 8

Global Trademark Registration

Through years of negotiation, IWISS eventually accomplished its global trademark registration.

September 24

iCrimp in USA becomes part of the IWISS Tools.

iCrimp trademark was first registered in 2009. The trademark focused on crimping, stripping and cutting, and completed the global registration expansion in 2018. The purchase of the trademark effectively improved the reputation of the IWISS brand in the global crimping tool field.

October 26

Set up an exclusive agent in Japan

株式会社CTC located at 神奈川県茅ヶ崎市南湖一丁目1番地2号 as IWISS exclusive agent in Japan.

March 15

Start an e-commerce business

IWISS start online sales, decide to sell products on Amazon, Tmall, eBay, and Walmart.

April 25

Global Exhibition Plan

Participate in global exhibitions, including Hannover Messe, AHR Expo, Canton Fair…

October 1


IWISS 10-year strategy – The leading crimping tools manufacturer!

March 1

Production Classification

IWISS completed its first step of production specification by establishing 2 production bases to manufacture pipe tools and cable tools respectively.

September 5

Fast Growth

In short four years, the team had expanded to own a 20-person focus on supply chain management,  sales channels management, and product development.

August 2


Three intelligent young men started a tool supply company in east coast of China.